App will only play one song from list or album then stop


I have the app on a Samsung phone and tablet. It will only play one song f4om a list or album. It won’ the shuffle, etc. New to the app, most likely user error. Any help would be great.



Thanks for your contact. Could you give us more details, which kind of music files are you trying to stream and which kind is your receiver you are streaming to from your Samsung phone & tablet? You can contact us directly at Thanks.

-Tuxera team


Thank you for your response. I have tried streaming with both phone and
tablet, (Samsung 8 and Samsung tablet A) MP3 files, all files located on
each device. Playlists, albums will play continuously on each device but
not when streaming.

I am streaming to a Bose Soundtouch system, 300 soundbar, (2) 10’s and (2)
wireless link adapters. App finds all speakers, and Samsung TV, will play
on one or all, different songs on each or all the same song on all speakers
but after the song is finished, it will not play the next song in the Que.
It just stops. the next song/forward button is “grayed” but I can press
forward/next song and it will play the next song but it will not do it by

Let me know if you require any further information.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Greg Kaufman


I’ve got the same issue, did you get a solution to this problem?


No. I guess they do not have a solution. Wish they would figure it out. Disappointing given how well the app works otherwise. I was able to load all my music up to Spotify and play it from there. You can also download a playlist for when you do not have Wi-Fi access
Hope this helps