Frequently Asked Questions


The App Itself

Does it work both on Android and iOS?

AllConnect is compatible with all Android versions starting from Android 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and works with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Requires iOS 9 or later.

Will it work on my device?

AllConnect is the only application that supports all the latest streaming technologies while working smoothly with any AirPlay, Google Cast, DIAL and DLNA device. We have done our best to verify that AllConnect is compatible with a wide range of devices. If your specific device doesn’t work properly, please send us a message including all the details such as: brand and model number of the phone/tablet, brand/model of the receiver and a description of the limitation.

Supported file formats

Video formats supported are based on your receiver device. Please consult the documentation relating to your device, some are here below
Apple TV(3rd gen) formats:
Apple TV(4th gen) formats:
Fire TV formats:
Chromecast formats:
Roku formats:

Does AllConnect support PS3?

No. PS3 is a media player and AllConnect can discover only media renderers.

Does AllConnect support XBox?

Yes. Both Xbox 360 and Xbox One are supported, but may require some setup on the Xbox side.

Can I stream content from media servers?

With AllConnect you can stream content from the most popular media servers such as: Plex, PS3 Media Server, TwonkyMedia server,ReadyDLNA, MiniDLNA, Asus Router’s Media Server, XBMC, Windows Media Server and others. Currently we do not support subtitles on PS3 media server, streaming wav files from PLEX to Speakers over DLNA, and streaming music files to AirPlay.

How much does it cost?

AllConnect is free with advertisements. And there is in-app purchase option for removing advertisements.

Does AllConnect use any Internet mobile data while streaming?

No, streaming is only over WiFi.

Most Common Problems

I can’t find my receiver device

(1) Please make sure that both your phone and your receiver are connected to the same WiFi network.
(2) If nothing shows up on your home screen of AllConnect, try to restart the app, phone or the router.
(3) If nothing above works, use the ZeroConf Browser or UPnP Scanner (available on the Google Play) to scan the network to be sure that there are discoverable devices.
(4) Contact us directly at, use the feedback function in the app or visit our community pages at

I’m streaming music to the receiver, but there is no sound

These might be possible reasons: Please check the volume level of both your phone and the device. At the moment we don’t support DRM song files. AirPort Express won’t play my songs Before you proceed to streaming, make sure your speakers are connected to the AirPort Express’ Audio Jack. Otherwise the playback will not start and the progress will stay at level 0. Make sure your AirPort express is configured according to Apple recommendations in the guide “How to set up and configure AirPort Express for AirPlay and iTunes“. The configuration “Connecting to an existing Wi-Fi network as part of a legacy WDS or Extended Network” should be avoided.

Streaming stops when my phone screen switches off

In order to save energy, some phones have default settings disabling WiFi when the screen goes to sleep. In this case the streaming will stop. It can also happen if you use apps such as JuiceDefender. Please check your power saving settings and tick off these options.

Streaming stops at random times

Please disable Wi-Fi Optimisation (Settings -> Wi-Fi -> Advanced (in the menu) -> Tick off Wi-Fi optimisation) and ensure that your Wi-Fi is set to a channel free of interferences. Set “Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep” function to always.

AllConnect does not display my music

If your albums are stored in a service such as Google Music, Deezer or Spotify, AllConnect will not be able to display them. These files are encrypted and will not show up in the music player. It is so even in the case of downloaded albums available for offline playback.

My Chromecast device is not found

If your Chromecast devices are not found, it could be that your device doesn’t have Google Play Services. For example some Android Mods like MIUI have removed Google Play Services completely.

I can not connect my device to Chromecast receiver

It could be that your Google Play Services are out of date, usually Google Play Store will automatically update Google Play Services in the background. This situation could happen if you just purchased a new phone, or you haven’t use the phone for a long time. In this case, you will need to wait for Google Play Store to update the Google Play Services, this usually take one or two days if you keep the phone accessing the Internet.

I can not stream YouTube video to Roku devices.

Roku receiver doesn’t support high-resolution video streaming, so in this case, you need to switch YouTube quality to low and try streaming again. You could find the settings in Menu -> Settings -> YouTube Video Quality.

How Do I…

How do I mirror my device screen to the selected receiver?

AllConnect does not support screen mirroring or mirroring the app screen.

How do I stream a YouTube video?

Please follow these steps:
Select your receiver (e.g. Apple TV).
Tap “YouTube” icon in Channels, or open the YouTube app directly.
Search and select a video.
Find and tap “Share” button In “Share this video via” select “AllConnect”

How do I stream a video from Facebook?

Go to AllConnect app and select the device you want to stream to
Open the Facebook App and log in
Choose the video you want to stream
Complete the action using AllConnect. You can choose to stream to AllConnect by default or just once. You can change the default settings in the: Application manager -> AllConnect -> Launch by default
The video will automatically start streaming to a chosen device

How do I stream from third-party apps like Showbox, Media HD and others?

We don’t support any third-party apps but if you want to use them with AllConnect, please contact the support of that particular app.

How do I send feedback to the AllConnect developers?

Contact us directly at, use the feedback function in the app or visit our community pages at