Implementing the AllConnect SDK into your App or Software


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Please ask me for help. I downloaded the application on my phone and also connected the receiver to the TV (Chrumst) but the application was not able to find the receiver. Can I help with this?


Hello Zaied,

Thanks for your contact. Which kind of video files are you trying to view with AllConnect? Could you send us a more detailed error description to

-AllConnect team


En primer lugar, agradezco su atención … Para mi problema es que tengo los vídeos de YouTube se puede categorizar plazo Reservados sin Internet, pero esta aplicación no funciona, pero Internet … ¿Se puede ejecutar cualquier aplicación con sólo conectado al teléfono sin tener que internet


Hello Zaied,

Thanks for the reply. We hope it is ok for us to answer in English.

AllConnect needs the internet connection in order to function, if your videos are not on the mobile device itself. You also need a router that connects your mobile device and the receiver of your choice. You can contact our support at with more details.

  • Tuxera Team