It doesn't stream mkv extensions. Nexus 6P - Apple tv


When I try playing movies with mkv extensions, it doesn’t play. Showing error encountered. It’s playing mp4.



Thanks for the feedback. Which kind of receiver are you using? Which kind of MKV files (examples please) are you trying to play?

-AllConnect team


Have ya tried VLC player? Ir plays almost every format ame í believe it will convert them too. Also has. Upnp other cool features. But yea i gotta believe you know of it. Cause MLK Files were a nuisance a decade ago. Tibio also offers streaming but its a lil sensitive. I think all cast and VLC are the best honestl. Oooooh yea apple stuff hmm. Virtual desktop running windows or linux ? Which is cool anyway but since apple are nazi shit heads and yal let it happen the struggle will always be an expensive device ya cantidad so shit with lol. Damn the man. Kill witey!! No wait I’m.! But un from east soooo it would of taken me a decade to get an iphone lol droid is cheap and lets ya touch her in tve nono spots.