Showbox streaming


Why cant I stream showbox via allconnect to my smart tv?



Thanks for your feedback. Showbox is a 3rd party app and not allowed in the google play store.

We don’t support any third-party apps but if you want to use them with AllConnect, please contact the support of that particular app.

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-AllConnect team


Thanks for you reaction…sinds januari 2017 is showbox available for
download in the Google play store??

Op 2 feb. 2017 14:18 schreef “tuomas.nieminen” <


The showbox app which is in Google Play store and the showbox app which is at are totally different.

Showbox app which is in google play store ( is about app discovery and rewards where as the showbox app which is downloaded from website ( is about the free movies.

We don’t support any third-party apps or their connection to AllConnect.

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-AllConnect team


I can’t connect to my roku express :(, I can see it in the radar but it won’t connect it, it keeps loading and loading, but never connects.



Thanks for your contact. Have you installed the AllConnect Roku receiver app to your Roku device from the Roku store?

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-AllConnect team


Mine won’t tooI can’t stream to my tv


Thank You got your help


is this type of problem occours on Hotstar app. I download Hotstar App From Google play store and but working are different. can you confirm this. Thanks


So is the third party the Showbox from Google play or the other Showbox for free movies?


Thank you for the information.


So what’s the best free movie app that All connect does support?