VIDEO : Casting Videos From Your Mobile to Any TV


AllConnect instructional video on how to cast/stream videos and subtitles to your TV - right from your phone or tablet.

AllConnect can cast all your internal and online videos, photos, and music to nearly any connected TV, Speaker, or streaming device such as Chromecast (Google Cast), Roku, Amazon Fire, XBOX, DLNA, DIAL, and many more!


I think I am I have the Web on both


It won’t cast from my tablet to tv


I cant cast my tablet to my tv when I try it gives me a icon on my tv to pick apple store or Google play it won’t connect to 3ither



Thanks for the message. Could you send us a private message or an email to so that we could help you easier with the issue -AllConnect team


I can’t get the CW on my tablet to cast to Vizo smart TV.Its show’s DirecTV box and my tablet there is no option to put in the Comcast WiFi or the TV


Hello Deborah,

Thanks for the reply. It is not possible to use direct-wifi devices with AllConnect. You will need an external router. Vizio TVs have also been a bit unreliable with AllConnect so we would suggest you to get some kind of external wifi dongle like chromecast, firetv sitck or roku device.

Best regards,

-Tuxera team


Actually the app was beyond awesome and beyond 5stars. But I can view much on my TV. But I can’t play some videos on YouTube. Could anyone help me over it??