Youtube Format issue


Hi, if I try to stream YouTube AllConnect said format not supported. What I am doing wrong?



Thanks for your message. Which kind of receiver are you using and which is the youtube url you are trying to stream? You can send us a private message or email to Thanks -AllConnect team


Im have the same problem. I try To stream the youtube vídeos in my air play system and the App shows the message that the Format is not suporte.


Conseguiu resolver o meu tá com o msm problema?


O meu tbm não tá reemitido o filmes do YouTube.


Hello Shirlei.

We hope it’s ok for us replying to you in English. Thanks for your feedback, could you send us an email to with more details about your issue? Which youtube videos are you trying to stream and which is the receiver you are streaming to?

  • Tuxera Team


I would like to go to Google and chrome with this app through this Samsung ons 5 Android phone using tv as screen. How ?


The same problem.
TV Samsung ue32
Phone Android 7.0 xiaomi mi5s+
Fix it pls